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Welcome To Micro Grants Partnership/Sponsorship.

Where your commitment to supporting small businesses can make a meaningful impact !

Accessible Home Office

Any Individual or corporate organisation can apply to our 2024 sponsorship initiative to sponsor a business or business idea. Our sponsorship initiative ensures we empower businesses one grant at a time. By partnering with us, you demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility and community development initiatives.

What you need to know?


Application and Evaluation

To begin the sponsorship process, contact us using the form below.


Approval and Confirmation:

Upon submission, our team will review all applications and provide feedback within 5 working days via email.


Monitoring and Reporting:

Sponsors will be provided updates on the progress and impact of their contributions. Our robust monitoring system ensures sponsors' confidence in the process.


Recognition and Acknowledgment:

At Microgrants we acknowledge our sponsors' invaluable support through corporate announcements, exclusive network and promotional activities.

Micro grants does not accept sponsorship from:

-Companies established contrary to applicable laws.
-Organisations/ Individuals that are affiliated with/promote religious or political agendas 
-Individual/Corporate organisations that have obtained money illegally or by means of fraud .

Contact Us

Thanks for Conacting Us!

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